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Mt Hood Spa Treatments


mountain spirit massage | 50 minutes / 100 minutes
A Swedish-style massage, customized for ultimate relaxation.
$98 / $189

black diamond massage | 50 minutes / 100 minutes
A deeper tissue massage for those seeking relief in areas holding muscle tension and pain.
$108 / $199

river rock massage | 50 minutes / 100 minutes
A gentle massage using heated stones. The combination of deep penetrating heat and nurturing touch will soothe aches and pains without need of deep pressure.
$98 / $189

mother-to-be massage | 50 minutes / 100 minutes
Let us cradle and comfort you with a nurturing massage in our specialized cushioning support system.
$98 / $189

shared serenity massage | 50 minutes / 100 minutes
Experience a renewed sense of togetherness with side-by-side massages in our deluxe doubles treatment room.
$208 for two

warm stone waterfall massage | 100 minutes
Let all your stress and worries melt away during this incredible transformative treatment. Warm stones and a warm cascading waterfall from our Vichy shower will bring you a sense of release unlike anything you have ever experienced. A heated stone massage and warm conditioning scalp treatment will leave you feeling grounded and rejuvenated.

Body treatments:

alpine purification body polish | 50 minutes / 50 minutes with Vichy shower
A salt scrub combined with your choice of essential oils, this treatment exfoliates and re-hydrates the skin.
$98 / $118

seasonal vitality body polish | 50 minutes / 50 minutes with Vichy shower
As the seasons change so does your skin. Rejuvenate and replenish it with ingredients that vary by season. Ask about this season's special.
$98 / $118

earth cocoon body wrap | 50 minutes
Transform your mind and body with mud derived from the Dead Sea and warm cascading water from our Vichy shower. Perfect for reducing muscle aches, detoxifying and re-mineralizing your body and soothing an over-stimulated mind.

infinity foot calf & scalp treatment | 50 minutes
Total relaxation from head to toe! A conditioning scalp treatment followed by massage and exfoliation of calves and feet.

68010 East Fairway Ave.

Welches (Mt. Hood), OR


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Tel: 503.622.2270

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